The Effect of Organizational Creativity in Enhancing Knowledge Management Processes: survey study for a sample of academic staff members at the Technical College of management / Baghdad)


In many organizations, employees who have high mental skills are the main source of organizational creativity. When a firm does not put creativity as a goal, cannot stand solid against the competition. Nowadays, knowledge is the path to discover the innovation and creativity aspects, This can assist the firm to stand face to face with competition in the market. The importance of this research comes from detecting and knowing the relation between creativity and knowledge to know and detect the influence of organizational creativity on backing the management of knowledge and determine the final results. The problem of research is to trace the role of organizational creativity on knowledge management processes in order to enable the firm to achieve supremacy in competition. The Administrative Technical College was chosen as a research location. The collected data were analyzed using the statistical program (SPSS) The research has found that there is a relationship between organizational creativity and knowledge management. Recommendations were on the necessity of developing cases of creativity among workers in educational organizations by relying on training methods and participation in scientific conferences and seminars to obtain higher levels of performance against the corresponding organizations