The symbolic dimension in the plays of Ammar Nehme Jaber _ What the people of the Rats have decided against the starving cat as a model


The symbolic theatre owes its emersion of the European symbolic theatre(Mallarme a bodler a vrlen a Rambo a vagnir a absin a yeets a metrlink.And the among the arab theatre sumbolic ( tawfek al hakeem a salah abdl sabor a saad alah wnoos a yosef alaney a taha salim a adel khathem a sabah alanbary a Amar Jabir)Amar whose his name is associated with the topic the aim and the purpose of this research is to illustrate the Symbolic dimension in Amar Jabir plays ;a reveal the aesthetic and the principle of this theatrical discourse in the form of the Symbolic doctrine the research present the title of his research which the conflict takes place between the and the past and the present it isThe process of conflict in the retro specting and retrieval the past through the present moment. The symbolism as a subject in the Amar Jabir's play are included which in the modern critical schools.The subject of the research focuses on the symbolic diemintionoed its philosophy in the theatrical text with the modern word wick, the Arabic Or the Iraqi .the research consists of four chapter : the first chapter represent the methodology frame work .and the second chapter represent the theatrical part in the form of two sections the first section the symbol and the artist principles the emersion and the principles . the second section : the symbolic theatre from global and Arabic view in this study the research tries to show the methodology of the research to provide results and conclusion to fulfill the aims that have been followedBy the researcher.