The design significance in contemporary interior spaces


The design significance for the determinants of internal spaces constitutes one of the well-known basic study tasks that must be taken into consideration by designers in the field of interior design, because the study of the design significance. It will achieve for us as designers great capabilities and various design solutions to create interior spaces characterized by being a fertile field for study through their effective effectiveness by relying on a design system determined by the interior designer within special organizational rules and treatments to show the design unit of the entire design space, and therefore the continuity of the formative organization for any design significance will As a result, new organizations are formed, and here the interior designer's ability and skill in achieving the design aspect emerges .Therefore, the researcher found it necessary to identify the components of the design significance and its actual role in generating the design meaning of the internal spaces in line with the area and size of the internal determinants. Therefore, it was necessary to come up with a position that clarifies this concept and its relationship to the internal design in a manner consistent with the specificity of the research subject consisting of (four chapters) of which Making it a fertile field for study in theoretical and analytical research, and for this reason the researcher found in the first chapter the formulation of the research problem, which is summarized by the following question: What are the components adopted by the design significance and its actual role in contemporary internal spaces. While the importance of research comes in enhancing the design vision of researchers by referring to the relationship of formulating design configurations with their design significance in order to benefit in realizing new concepts about the vision in generating the design meaning of the internal determinants, as well as choosing sites and studied areas.In light of this, the researcher focused the goal of the research in uncovering the constituents adopted by the design significance and their actual role in contemporary interior spaces. As for the boundaries of the research, it was defined in terms of objectively by studying the design significance in contemporary interior spaces, while its spatial and temporal boundaries included the internal spaces represented by (galleries). Reception (in Asia and Europe) implemented for the period 2019-2020 AD . While the second chapter will include a study (two axes), namely: first the design significance and secondly the organizational treatments for the design significance, and the research study will also include extracting the most important indicators that will be determined by the theoretical framework, while the third chapter will be defined within the topic of the research procedures represented by the research methodology based on the descriptive analytical approach while it will be adopted The research community adopts the intentional selective method, as for the fourth chapter, it will include the extraction of the most important results of the research study.