The concept of the dialogue of civilizations in contemporary Iranian political thought


Collect philosophers and Thinkers throughout the ages, That man is social by nature and that he can not live on his own without his peers from other individuals, And on this basis, he needs others to help him to meet his needs, as noted Plato, for example, but not limited to and many other philosophers and thinkers. Based on this Muslim man has become a need to dialogue his peers in order to be able to accomplish their goals, Throughout history, humanity has emerged and civilizations have become necessary to dialogue with peoples and societies. And it is based on dialogue civilizations, The need for dialogue and mutual understanding grew more and more when humanity began to witness situations of conflict and bloody wars, which it saw as a result of these wars but of destruction, bloodshed and death. When discussing the idea of the dialogue of civilizations in the thought of a civilization, We are in front of the visions of philosophers and thinkers about this idea according to their beliefs and intellectual beliefs Without breaking away from the circumstances and events that are witnessing and coexistence