The Development of Microwave Applications in Medical Field Running Title: Microwave Application Advance


Through this analysis, we conclude that there is no fixed limit to the radiation threat, but that the risk begins at any stage. High frequency electromagnetic waves have detrimental effects, in particular, on the body and sensitive cells. One of the susceptible organs affected by radiation is the reproductive system, though it does not contain a high percentage of blood. This plays an important role in reducing the heat generated by the cumulative microwave effect. Most studies have agreed that these radiation communication systems have an effective effect on red and white blood cells due to the heme's cellular structure, which is influenced by magnetic and electrical fields, creating a change in the cellular composition and composition. Thus, a shift in cell function clinically visible symptoms of photo damage are fine lines and rhytides. Traditionally, for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, truncated and non-truncated lasers were used, in addition to that its cumulative side effects and its heroes time are in the work. Initially used to target photo damage, radio frequency represents an idea of radiation surgery technology. It is different from lasers such as current of an electric is used as well as a light source. It is widely used for treating slouch of skin, deflations, skin tags and freckles, and dimple in dermatology. This work aims to show the different kinds of radiofrequency tools and their application. Assessing the effectiveness of these tools is based on facts. This paper discusses the latest RF function, applications, clinical advance. Application guide for various RF applications. The findings were positive with multiple clinical tools of radio waves, although more trials were non-randomized, non-comparative trials using local methods of assessment. Most non- truncated radio waves are a healthy, suggest method that produces moderate results for skin rejuvenation and cellulite therapy. Radio wave is act as replace from surgery.