Al. Khamriayat poetry of Abu-Mihjen Al Thaqafi


He was very well knight during Jahili and Islamic periods. He declared his belief of Islam when his tribe did that. He was accused of drinking Wine which was forbidden by Islam, Most of the saurces depended on one narration which accused the man of being in prison during Qadisiya battle in which he was clearly hero atter he escaped from his prison in order to take part of the battle.Al-aghani book astonishingly a depended mostly on such narrations which diminish him.We find no sign of describing wine in his dewan during Islamic period Never the less, it seems that his imprisonment in Qadisiya battle was for security reasons to prevent ramours a gainst the leader of Islamic army Saad bin Abi Waqqas. We concluded that after the talks between the poet and Saad himself which is a clear proof that he did not drink wine in Islam