The rulings in which the testimony and the narration were separated according to the Shafi'is - Jurisprudence study


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and the best of prayers, and extradition took place on our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, and after: The science of islamic jurisprudence has varied and branched, among which is the science of jurisprudence differences, which many scholars have taken care of and singled out for research and authorship on the difference of doctrinal doctrines, which is the science in which the difference between similar isotopes in the image and the different is explained by reason and reason, and the science of jurisprudence is a great science of great value. Most beneficial, high honor and pride; In it, the curtain reveals the secrets and merits of the law, its rule, its purposes and its drawbacks, and in it a distinction is made between similarities, and to it is the distinction between similarities and the combination of differences based on it, and scholars rely on many issues and facts, so every diligent jurist does not dispense with it, and every prophet’s scholar does not want him; because he is the mayor in ijtihad, he cultivates the queen, broadens the minds, and explains the precise differences between the issues whose images are similar and the rulings and reasons for them differ. And since this method, which is the study of the difference between two legal rulings, has the effect of editing every scientific issue, explaining its mandate provisions, realizing its evidence, highlighting each of them separately, and proving its independence and focus in the minds, it has helped so seriously that study these issues adopted from the attribution of the scholar Al-Suyuti - may God have mercy on him - on it a light that is trapped behind him, and as a starting point to cover his vocabulary, and it was my choice of them (that was not separated by ablution and ablution by Shafi’i - a jurisprudential study -) through which knew the doctrinal and similar differences between them And after that, it was known as ablution and washing, and explained the issues in which they disagreed in detail with the evidence for the doctrine of imam Al-Shafi’i, then concluded the research with a conclusion and recommendations.