Experimental and Theoretical Study of Neomycin Sulfate as Corrosion Protection for Titanium in Acid Media


The experimental and theoretical methods were studied for inhibition of the corrosion titanium in HCl by using neomycin sulfate drug. The results of neomycin sulfate drug had good corrosion protection for titanium in hydrochloric acid and the inhibition efficiency (%IE) increasing with increasing concentration of drug because the neomycin sulfate drug had adsorption from acid solution on surface of titanium metal. The program of hyperchem-8.07 was used for theoretical study of the drug by molecular mechanics and semi-empirical calculations. Quantum chemical was studied drug absorption and electron transferred from the drug to the Titanium metal, also inhibition potentials of drug attachment with the (LUMO-HOMO) energy gap, dipole moment (μ) of the molecules and electrostatic potentials.