The extent to which Internet companies are prepared to govern their information security by adopting the international standard ISO 17799 - a comparative study between Al-Liqa’ Net Company and Speed ​​Way Internet Services Company / Kirkuk


The Information has become the raw material that organizations are racing in all its forms to get them, And especially under of the digital economy era, which depends on the information class basis to ensure its survival and continuity in competitive markets, At the same time, this information can be exposed to many risks that threaten the their security and safety, And thus threaten the organization success in its work From here it became necessary to protect this information based on the different means and tools, Among them dependence on information security governance and specifically trying to apply and comply with the international standard requirements ISO 17799.Based on the foregoing the research aims to measure the willingness of Internet service companies to governance their information security. And try to compare between two of the biggest companies working in this area. from it applies to the international standard requirements ISO 17799, Al liqaa net and Speed Way Internet Services Company in Kirkuk. The research concluded to a set of conclusions based on which has been providing some of the proposals.Key words: information security, governance, information security governance