Teaching and learning in university teaching and its importance


Teaching-learning strategies in university teaching and its importanceThe strategy is a well-constructed and ordered plan through which all capabilities and means are used in a way that achieves the desired goals.The most important major feature of learning strategies is that learners learn to learn on their own, and we urge them to be motivated to integrate into learning situations in order to organize themselves and listen to the teacher's presentation or teaching and be motivated to perform such processes and monitor their success.The aim of the research was:1-Knowing the strategy and its importance in general and university teachingKnowing the strategies that are used in the teaching process -2 3-Knowing the difference between strategy and teaching method The research dealt with general and university teaching, especially the strategy of discussion, dialogue, brainstorming, collaborative and self, and learning strategy based on critical and simulation-based thinking and based on practical training and other strategiesIt also dealt with the relationship between teaching and its strategies, and the most important findings of the current research were: that university learning is responsible for the center of development in it and the promotion of its quality and has a decisive and effective role in the renaissance of societies, especially in the race of the information age and global globalization. There is no reform for any nation without high-quality, effective, dynamic and continuous education that contributes to directing events, as material progress is made by its manufacture, and intellectuals are its productsAs for the most important proposals made, they are :a. The use of various strategies in the actual teaching process in general and university education.B. Conducting an experimental study on university students to know academic achievement and the level of development of these strategies through multiple variables.C. Professional development for faculty members at the university and their professional practices.