Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Solidarity or Contradiction


The subject of ethnic and cultural dliversity is usually discussed with in political frame. And in this case it is subjected to unobjective requirements. This paper is an attempt to study the subject in social frame. Tough we confess the existence of difference among societies, this dose not mean hierarchical classification of groups. On the one hand there is no pure race and on the other hand group continuous communication has created cultural similarity among them. This seems more accurate among groups of a state of one policy. If we admit the existence of three levels which an individual restricts himself to their frames, which are ethnic groups, and cultural, (specially when they are not identical), and the political standard / level of the government, it is possible to find identity among these levels despite their external differences.If we plot the map of ethnic diversity on the map of cultural diversity and the two over the political map, we will notice that the cultural diversities will exceed the ethnic ones and vice versa. This means that the diversities resulted from cultural diversity may express diversities of an ethnic groups, and the race will be a unified base. Also if we add the factor of the political unity achieved by on government with legislative and executive abilities, we will have an additional factor to strengthen the approaches of meeting especially if a government managed to create general tendencies which prepare the political affiliation to surpass the restricted factors and create the chance for farther contact.this requires comprehensive cultural basis devires its elements from cultural variety itself-And the situation will be more suitable when there is basic culture which dues other contrast with secondary cultures and in it, sense and origin unracial.