Measuring the growth in total productivity and estimating the technical efficiency and technological gap of the Iraqi agricultural sector using the DEAP envelope method for the period 1980-2012


The research aims at achieving a set of objectives which in turn constitute an agricultural policy related to the growth of the total productivity, the technical efficiency measurement and the technological gap gap for the Iraqi agricultural sector. The results of the research showed that the total productivity of the elements and using the Malmquist index of productivity, The results of the technical efficiency assessment according to the production function indicated that the technical efficiency in Iraq averaged 91%, while the results of technical efficiency assessment in the method of random boundary analysis (SFA) and using the function Logarithm superior reached an average about 95%, but with respect to the results of the technology gap analysis, the results reached an average total for 46%,The decrease in the total productivity of the factors (TFP) during the study period is due to the decrease in the efficiency of the use of agricultural resources , as the growth in agricultural output was due to the multiplication of production elements. Not because of the improvement in the efficiency of their use, which was reflected in the value of the total productivity of the elements, resulting in a technological gap in Iraq and wasted "in agricultural resources and growth in total productivity of factors and technical efficiency took a deterioration especially after 2003 for many reasons, including water scarcity, Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticides) The prices of imported agricultural machinery and machinery that were previously sold "at subsidized prices and other reasons. Therefore, the study recommends the necessity of conducting specialized studies to choose the optimal combination of production elements and to develop plans to rationalize their use in order to achieve economic efficiency in general and technical efficiency in particular.