Estimation of technical efficiency, total productivity and technological gap of agricultural sectors in Syria, Turkey and Iran using the DEAP envelope method for the period 1980-2012 ( A comparative study )


The research aims to achieve a set of goals Which Contitute,in aggregate , an agricultural Policy related to measuring total productivity of the elements(TFP) , tichnical efficiency (TE), tichnological gap(TG) for the agricultural Sector In Syria , Turkey and Iran .The results Showed that the change in the total productivity of the elements was average for the total Period (0.62% , 0.60%, 0.71%) respectively in In all the Countries of the Sample. The results of the technical efficiency assessment according to the production function indicated that the technical efficiency in (Syria, Turkey, Iran) was average (93%, 95%, 96%), While the results of the technology gap analysis as an average of the total period (38%, 42% and 43%) respectively in Syria, Turkey and Iran. The results of the study reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is the convergence of the total productivity of the factors (0.62% and0. 60%) for Syria and Turkey, respectively, and the superiority of the State of Iran in the total productivity of the factors as it reached 0.71% Through the accumulated experience and the appropriate environment, the study recommends working on Improve the performance of the institutions supporting the process of increasing agricultural productivity such as research and development stations and agricultural extension agencies that are working on the diffusion of new technical methods and building agricultural policy that depends not only on the quantity of the production resource but also on its qualitative characteristics and the possibility of managing it and directing it to achieve its lowest utilization .