An Overview on a Technique to Measure and Control of the Electromagnetic Radiation Inside a Microwave Oven


The Microwave oven is a system used to convert the electromagneticenergy to thermal energy when the microwave cavity is loaded with a dielectricmaterial. The ordinary microwave ovens are not supported with complexfeatures for detecting parameters such as temperature, weight, and loadedmaterial availability. Due to the lack of material availability, several laboratoryand industrial applications require these features to switch off the oven. Thereflections of electromagnetic radiation inside an empty microwave oven lead tooven damage. An overview of the microwave oven characteristics andemergence of electromagnetic radiation inside a microwave oven is presentedin this study. The parameters measured inside the microwave oven, methods forpower attenuation in a microwave oven, microwave power detector, andmicrowave oven leakage are discussed as well. Moreover in the methodology ofthis work, proposed a new technique based on the measurement of leakedmicrowave power to control the microwave oven. The preliminary resultsshowed that the leakage measurement of electromagnetic power changes withthe state/phase of the material inside the microwave oven, which ensured thepossibility of the proposed promising technique. This work will be continued toconnect the microwave oven with a spectrum analyzer and computer viahardware and software interfaces depending on the methodology of this article.A computer code will be developed to read the measured power andautomatically switch off the microwave oven depending on materials state.