New Fractional Order Chaotic System: Analysis, Synchronization, and it’s Application


In this paper, a new nonlinear dynamic system, new three-dimensional fractional order complex chaotic system, is presented. This new system can display hidden chaotic attractors or self-excited chaotic attractors. The Dynamic behaviors of this system have been considered analytically and numerically. Different means including the equilibria, chaotic attractor phase portraits, the Lyapunov exponent, and the bifurcation diagrams are investigated to show the chaos behavior in this new system. Also, a synchronization technique between two identical new systems has been developed in master- slave configuration. The two identical systems are synchronized quickly. Furthermore, the master-slave synchronization is applied in secure communication scheme based on chaotic masking technique. In the application, it is noted that the message is encrypted and transmitted with high security in the transmitter side, in the other hand the original message has been discovered with high accuracy in the receiver side. The corresponding numerical simulation results proved the efficacy and practicability of the developed synchronization technique and its application