Morocco in the face of Ottoman expansionism, 16th - early 17th century


The history of the Ottoman Moroccan relations raises a double problem: on the one hand, there is the lack of resources, most of which are found in the Ottoman archives, and on the other hand, in the type of approach that can be adopted in order to understand the nature of the history of these relations.The history of Morocco's relations with the Ottoman Empire is of particular importance, given that Morocco remained the only country in the Islamic world that escaped from subjugation to the Ottoman Empire. The nature of these Moroccan-Ottoman relations can only be understood in light of the type of relations that bound the Muslims inside the "House of Islam". Morocco and the Ottoman Empire belonged to the same religious and sectarian system (Sunni Islamic), which gives the issue of Moroccan-Ottoman relations a fundamental distinction, from the quality The relations he had with European countries.


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