Slimming production processes and its role in reducing quality costs An exploratory study in Kirkuk Cement Factory


The research deals with the methods that integrate among the dimensions of lean production with quality costs to ensure the production of products with international specifications at the lowest level of costs. In this sense, the research seeks to highlight the role of rationalization of production processes in reducing the cost of quality starting from identifying the problem of research, The following questions: Is there a significant correlation between the dimensions of the lean production and the quality costs? Also, is there a significant regression between the dimensions of the lean production and the quality costs? In order to answer these questions, the research presented a theoretical framework for the views of the writers and researchers in this field, supported by the field framework through analyzing the answers of a random sample of the respondents within the research community, The research concluded with a series of conclusions, the most prominent of which was the existence of a relationship of correlation and effect of the lean production dimensions on the cost of quality, and the conclusion of the research by presenting a number of proposals that enrich the field. The most prominent of these was the guidance of the research organization about the continuous search for sources of waste, Flawless.