A Critical Discourse Analysis of V. Woolf's "Professions for Women" In terms of Huckin's Perspectives


AbstractIn critical discourse analysis there is no unified manner of application for the discipline is multidisciplinary. Huckin's methodology approaches a text structurally viewing each text as having a particular style and format. Text examination, he believes, should comprise the identification of text type, message framing, then sentential and phrasal features. Adopting such analysis tools helps expose text producer's ideological assumptions. The present research scrutinizes the discursive practices in Woolf's 'Professions for Women' via linguistic features and discourse organization that reconstruct the issue of identity and trace underlying ideologies. The analysis starts with the identification of the use of discourse and then moving to the explanation and interpretation of the underlying experiences and beliefs through the prism of Huckin's framework. Key words : critical discourse analysis ; style ; framing ; ideologies ; identity ; discursive practices