Coherence and Expansion in the Structure of Al – Mutaffifin Sura : A case study of Conjunctions


Abstract :There is a significant medium that characterizes Quarnic expressions and that medium is a priority in the text coherence phenomenon in the setting up of the Quarnic structures. That medium is achieved by linking grammatical structures, semantics and conceptual relations together by using conjunction technique in terms of letters. It makes use of the consecutive text and of linking the previous with the latter according to an intentional mechanism. It relies on the context which links the text areas and it relies on bridging the gap of the text’s events to show its meaning as well as producing it in an integrative and compatible way that makes the reader follow keenly, interact and participate in the events of the consecutive text. This medium shows the image of Muttaffifin (those who cheat people by giving them less than what they paid for) and shows their reality with their traits and contrasts them with the righteous according to the requirements of coherence with conjunction letters. This medium helps sharing techniques and the logical, causal and contrastive relations which extend the bridges of communication and expansion between its parts in an artistic portrait full of meaning that result in the expansion of the coherence in form and meaning.