The role of Iraqi universities in building societal peace and enhancing intellectual security


Terrorist and extremist groups and theorists of harmful ideas were able to take advantage of the technological development and information technologies in social networks after exploiting them to promote their ideas, organize their work, direct and recruit elements to carry out terrorist and subversive acts, spread the manifestations of violence and chaos in societies and countries, threaten their security and target their infrastructure, as these sites were provided to them. Networks are a safe, easy and effective way to transfer data and information to their members and groups without oversight or accountability, and sometimes with the help of some security and media agencies without knowledge or without intending it, so they turned into an invisible effective force that is soft in directing and organizing, but violent and destructive indeed, and working in a carefully studied and organized manner.Among them comes the importance of studying such topics in order to try to limit and combat these ideas and develop media, social, security and political strategies to address their causes and implications such as destructive ideas and behaviors, exaggerations, extremism, adherence to opinion and not accepting the other, which are nothing but political and social positions whose owners refuse any opportunity for dialogue or recognize That there are shortcomings in the ranges of their understanding, and they go to the farthest point of controversy, intellectual conflict and verbal violence, as extremist ideas and behaviors present slogans that they may understand as simple or logical or part of the democracy of society, but in reality they are very complex societal problems that represent a great threat to the structure (Social structure