Market Timing Strategy versus Buy and Hold Strategy in Bull Market and Bear Market: Endoscopic a Reappraisal


The aims of the research to develop a comprehensive knowledge framework for market timing and evaluation strategies, as well as for the purchase and retention strategy by identifying alternatives that support the appropriate timing of the market, which requires continuous monitoring of everything that may happen regarding the economy and financial positions of companies in order to reconsider the composition of financial portfolios according to the timing of buying and selling during Market rises and falls. Predicting future securities price movements is extremely difficult, given the complexity of the world’s economies, and the complexity of the financial market for the prices of securities in the global market. Therefore, the issue of the superiority of market timing strategies remains relatively limited, and a controversy arises among specialists, compared to the profitability of the buy and hold strategy, which simply depends on the investor's shift from the short-term position to the long-term position through buying when the stock market is in a downturn, and selling when the market is On the rise.