The role and impact of organizational health in achieving strategic success An exploratory research of a sample of human resources in Iraqi universities Al-Nahrain University as a model


The current study aims to examine the possibility of (strategic success and its impact on organizational health), by presenting the problem and then the importance of workers in the government sector (NahrainUniversity), and then trying to come up with a set of recommendations that contribute to strengthening the practice and adoption of variables for workers in the government sector. And based on the importance of the subject for the study sample, the study adopted the exploratory analytical method, as it included the study population (Nahrain University), while the sample consisted of (60) managers distributed in administrative levels with the degree (assistant dean, head of department, divisions and administrative units). The study found the most prominent results that emerged from the correctness of the hypotheses, the most important of which are (the high level of the main variables, the existence of moral correlations between them, and the presence of a moral impact on the success of the strategy in organizational health). And the strategic vision.