Indicative values for textual structures in Fateh Abdel Salam's novel When the Whale Overheats


The concept of sign in Arab and Islamic thought extends to a historical depth through the rooting of the language itself. Pointing by hand: nodding to it, and this means that the referred to has an external reality. Other than the word, five things that do not decrease or increase: the first is the pronunciation, then the sign, then the contractThen the line and then the case that is called the sermon. Al-Jahiz did not limit the pointing to the hand, as it may be in the head, the eye, the eyebrow, the shoulder, the dress, the sword and the whip, and all of it has its significance. The sign has the partner of the word, and it may dispense with him and the line, and it helps in matters to be covered, and its importance lies in understanding a special meaning, and it is understood from this that the sign indicates a hidden meaning that is not disclosed by its appearance and the apparent meaning of the referred to.The term sign is included in the fundamentals of jurisprudence to be one of the types of obligatory connotations, and the concept of the meaning of the sign "the indication of the meaning of the meaning or an unintended judgment for the originality and follow-up, but it is necessary for the meaning for which the speech was intended, so the connotation of the sign is not understood from the text of the text, i.e. the literal meaning that is called the meaning of the phrase Rather, it is understood from the meaning indicated by the meaning of the text, and some fundamentalists call it the meaning of the concept of the text ... and this is why they express this connotation as the meaning of the word for the meaning of its meaning .. This makes the sign of the sign needing to be deeper in the consideration and contemplation to know it, because it needs to be certain That there is a real correlation between the Sami, which the text indicates in its phrase (by word) and the meaning indicated by the text with its reference.Hence, we find that in order to reach the deep meaning of the text, one must know the sign of the textual structure, and the textual structure includes the smallest functional unit in it, which is the word in its context, so the sentence, the syllable, and then the text as an integrated unit. There is no doubt that the perception of the indicative values ​​of the structure in any text leads to the enrichment of the communicative process between the creator and the recipient, and then the understanding and enjoyment of the literary text is achieved through receiving its data.And the text in our hands (When the whale's back warms up) is a novel by the writer Fateh Abd al-Salam, which won the first prize in the Youth Literature Competition conducted by the House of General Cultural Affairs in Baghdad in the year 19, and it is worthy of study for its deep connection with the reality that the nation is going through, as well as it represents a color of the novel An intellectual rich in indicative values ​​indicates many ideas that the study tries to uncover.