Effect of NPK Levels on Seed Yield and Oil Contents of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Under Sulaimani Condition-Iraq Kurdistan Region


This experiment was conducted during the winter season of 2016-2017 at the Qlyasan Agricultural Research Station, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Sulaimani, using split plot design the main plots conducted in (RCBD) with three replicates to study the effect of three levels of NPK fertilizer on the growth, yield and yield component of rapeseed varieties. The three varieties; Serw, Hybrid and Reandy were implemented in the sub plots, three NPK fertilizer levels (0, 150 and 300) kg NPK ha-1 from NPK fertilizer complex (15-15-15), were implemented in the main plot. Results of this investigation confirm that variety Reandy produced the best values for most characters, and application of 300Kg NPK ha-1 was found to be the best level for this crop. The character seed yield showed positive and highly significant correlation with most characters including plant height, number of leaves per plant, number of pods per plant, the weight of pod per plant, 1000-seed weight, dry matter weight per plant, LA, and biological yield. Maximum positive direct effect on seed yield recorded by weight of pod per plant which was 0.495, while Maximum positive indirect effect on seed yield was 0.483 recorded by weight of pod per plant via number of pods per plant.