Accounting for the future: Technology contributions from a local perspective


The aim of the research is to discuss the scientific and professional future aspirations for accounting according to the technological reality, from a local Iraqi perspective. The research was launched from two main dimensions of the concept of accounting for the future: Analyzing challenges and ways to face them. As these two dimensions were dealt with according to the requirements of global accounting standardization and the developments of the foundations of information technology and their reflection in microeconomic accounting represented in activating accounting information systems through the use of cloud computing and blockchain, and in macroeconomic accounting represented in government and tax accounting, as well as Auditing accounts. The descriptive and analytical approach was adopted in analyzing the current accounting reality and local developments in accounting from a future perspective, and a questionnaire form was distributed to a number of academics affiliated with Iraqi universities. The research concluded that the contributions of information technology will be more clear in drawing accounting for the future through activating the accounting information systems for Iraqi companies, followed by auditing accounts and finally government and tax accounting. One of the most important challenges for the future of accounting in Iraq is the absence of pressure groups that work to consolidate accounting developments in actual practices in the Iraqi environment. And that one of the most important ways to face the challenges is to develop sound and objective plans that are compatible with internal environmental conditions and fulfill the requirements that support the future global adherence of accountability.