An opinion in the inverted simile


From the beginning of the statement that is rich in itself from the evidence, the Arabic sciences towards it, its spending, and its rhetoric, as well as its lexicography and linguistic topics are built on what scholars gathered from the words of the Arabs: their poetry and prose.Hence, it was superfluous for the eloquent text to be documented in its legal capacity in building rules and setting scientific controls, and in resolving the differences that arise in order to establish the correct and sadistic. And beware of error and error, as well as drawing on the findings of the scholars in this field of defining linguistic, stylistic and critical features to know the eloquent and the eloquent. The eloquent and the eloquent, the beautiful and the most beautiful. For us to have a way to imitate and act.Therefore, in the total of these rules and controls there is room for opinion and its difference, not in the way of a desire for difference and arguments in the dispute, but rather in consideration of what the texts lead to after the meditation then and the sedate induction of things that differ in few or many with what has settled from the rules and rules.I am not refusing to demonstrate different examples of what I went to, but rather, my goal is that the subject that I compelled myself to treat is from this beating, which exposes his chest, the difference with what the rhetoric went to in what they decided from the rules and named the origins.