The effect of Basel III consultant standards on the performance at Jordanian banks


The study aimed to know the effect of Basel III agreement on the performance of Jordanian commercial banks. Using the descriptive analytical approach where the study used the Panel Data method. The researcher also relied on the fixed effect model including two independent variables, namely market risks and operational risks in addition to financial performance in Jordanian commercial banks as a dependent variable. The study community was represented by Jordanian and commercial banks Study (Jordan Bank and Arab International Bank) to achieve this goal, data for these variables affecting the financial performance of banks for the period (2008-2018) was analyzed as measured by the first model represented by the return on assets and the second model with return on ownership. The study reached the most important results, namely, the presence of an effect of the Basel III committee standards (market risks, operational risks) on the return on assets in Jordanian commercial banks, and the study. Also recommended a review of strengthening the current situation of managing and monitoring market risks and operating in banks Jordanian commercial activities in line with sound practices to manage these risks and work to measure and control them.