A Study of The Reality of Food Security in Iraq And Its Potential for The Period 1990-2018


The issue of food security, with its economic, social and political dimensions, has become one of the most important issues that receive wide attention at all levels, and the issue of food security is considered one of the sensitive topics related to the agricultural sector, and it constitutes the most important goals of agricultural and food policy in all countries. The problem of the study is that all indicators point to the inability of Iraq to achieve food security and has become an importer of agricultural and food commodities despite its possession of all agricultural potentials and resources. From this standpoint, the current study aimed to study and diagnose Iraq's potentials in achieving food security and to indicate the size of the food gap in it by studying and analyzing its agricultural and food balance. The study stems from the hypothesis that the lack of interest in the agricultural sector exposes the Iraqi economy to the failure to achieve food security and the challenges facing agriculture and security food cannot be faced except through the adoption of sound economic and agricultural policies. The study used the descriptive approach to analyze the data provided to it for this purpose. One of the most important conclusions reached by the current study is that Iraq suffers from a food security problem, not because of the scarcity of resources, agricultural potential and the demographic factor, but rather because of poor planning, defects in agricultural policies, and misappropriation of resources and capabilities agricultural. Among the most important proposals of the study is that the government should provide serious and practical support to the agricultural sector with the various measures and means available to the state. And focus on supporting outputs instead of inputs, increasing the percentage of agricultural investment, and looking for factors leading to increasing its role as well as increasing its size.