The Role of Lean Marketing in Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage : An Analytical Study at Al-Mosul Dairy Manufactory


This paper aims to examine the relationship between lean marketing and implementing sustainable competitive advantage. Based on discussed the different types of waste that a company can produce during the production process. This study targeted the Mosul Dairy Manufactory. In total (67%) valid completed questionnaires, out of (75) questionnaire forms distributed to the manufactory's marketing departments and distribution outlets. This study was based on a number of conceptual and applied questions concerning the relationship of correlation and its influence between the variables of research. The questionnaire was used as the main tool for collecting data and information. The statistical quantitative methods like (SPSS) were adopted in analyzing the data collected by the questionnaire. The main outcomes indicated, there is a significant correlation between the two variables, as well as, there is a significant impact of lean marketing on the sustainable competitive advantage. The main significance suggestions was, its necessity need to adopt the concept of lean marketing in this manufactory to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.