Climate change and their impact on wind characteristic in Al Anbar province from 1970- 2014


The study of climate change and it is effects is vital and fundamental because the climate of the earth in state of continuous change and that change effects and risks can not be overlooked because Iraq including the study area is not in isolation from this change. As a the evidence indicates that the Iraqi climate has witnessed clear changes it was not as now days.This research came to shed light on the vital issue of linking climate change elements and it is shapes especially the wind element with an explanation of reason for this change and it is evidence through the results of the research that we reach .we chose the subject of climate change and their impact on surface wind characteristics in Al –Anbar province from 1970 -2014, Contrast that effect the research was based on the data of five years climatic stations adopted .the researcher is selected according to it is located from study area represented by Al – Qaaim –Haditha- Ramadi –Rutb and Al Nikhaib as well as the availability of climate data within a time series from1970 -2014