Improving the Cultivated Area for the Ramadi Irrigation Project By Using Water Evaluation and Planning Model (WEAP)


In this study, the water evaluation and planning WEAP model was used to improve the Ramadi irrigation project with 28342 hectares and annual budget 326 million / year for the period (2018-2019). The results showed the total water used was 111.5 million /year and equalled 34.2% of Ramadi irrigation budget. The annual production was 39.3 million Kg/year for Ramadi irrigation, and total economic returns 16.04 million $/year. The study proposal two scenarios to improve the cultivated area. The first scenario increased water volume of the current year from 111.5 million /year to 272.12 million /year, which caused increased in annual productivity from 39.3 million Kg/year to 144.57 million Kg/year, and economic return rose from 16.04 million $/year to 65.25 million $/year. The second scenario record increased in annual production for the current year from 39.3 million Kg/year to 192.27 million Kg/year and economic return from 16.04 million $/year to 86.79 million $/year when using additional pumps for project 2, 3 and project 5. Also, the convey loss increased from 16.72 million /year for the current year to 48.47 million /year when applying the second scenario, which equals 15% from the water budget of Ramadi irrigation.