Study the biochemical evaluation of calcium , uric acid, urea and Creatinine in Iraqi patients with renal failure pre dialysis


The slowly progressive diseases of Kidney function is renal failure that characterized generally by decreased the glomerular filtration . The current study focused on the correlated between some of the diverse biochemical parameters in blood serum from pre dialysis. Sixty individuals of Iraqi women ( adults ) were divided in to three groups , twenty patients ( 20 – 40 ) years and twenty patients ( 50 – 80 ) years and the remain were taken as healthy women ( control ) . The value of urea increased to 182.25 mg/dl with aged ( 20 – 40 ) years . Also, creatinine and uric acid levels were raised compared with healthy female while the calcium levels were decreased. The effect of duration of disease in patients that have less than five and more five years was no significant differences between them. The correlation between urea and creatinine was positively and highly significant (P<0.01) compared with uric acid or calcium. There was negatively correlation between uric acid and urea or creatinine and calcium