Muhammad ibn Knasa al-Asadi: his life, his poetry, remaining texts in the writing of his book Al-Anwar


We, here, are like an ascetic poet and a narrator from the first Abbasid era. The narrators were not as well aware of him as they should, as they did not record despite the fact that the second century was a century of transcription - of the news of his life and his poetry only a few, and he has lived. And few of the news of his life that ended up to us can hardly tell us his life, in addition to its disturbance in his name and the name of his father and his death. And the little of his poetry that we have collected is nothing but fragments - for the most part - in which he appears short-lived.And more than that, his three classifications are missing, but only minor quotes from one of them. I will devote a special chapter for it entitled: Remaining texts from the book: (Al-Anwaa) by Ibn Knasa. And yet, I see that the inactivity of this man’s mention is attributed to his asceticism, his pride in his dignity, and his distraction to the narration of poetry and hadith, far from the results of honor and authority. I cannot help it in the end, except that I extend my thanks to my brother Abdul Wahhab Muhammad Ali Al-Adwani for the many benefits that helped me in what I presented. And from God help.