Linguistic Deviation in Selected Poems of Nali and Hardy


Deviating from the rules of language is a linguistic style in which a poet or literary work presents familiar objects or situations in an unfamiliar way in the terms of language. Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), is a British transitional figure of literature. His poems are characterized by the feature of linguistic deviation in which the musical aspects of language in the poems such as sound, line and breath are transcended. On the other hand, Nali (1800-1852), a great Kurdish classical poet is also known by deploying similar linguistic deviations in which he chose not to abide by the rules of his language when he transcends its norms and exceeds the limits of the linguistic protocols that characterize it. This study is an attempt to compare between the two mentioned poets. It has adapted the American school of comparative literature along with Leech’s types of linguistic deviation to pursue the linguistic deviations used by both of them in their selected poems despite of their different language and culture backgrounds.