inancing Islamic banks in Iraq (between theory and practice) Analytical study in a sample of Iraqi Islamic banks


The research aims to shed light on the most prominent sources of financing in Islamic banks in Iraq in general, and to identify the most common forms of financing in terms of dealing, as well as indicators of growth in these banks The research sample included a group of Iraqi Islamic banks, which have branches in various Iraqi provinces. The research adopted the analytical approach of the indicators of activity for each of the forms of funding in force in Iraq And reached a set of conclusions, most notably, it does not deal with all forms of Islamic finance, but mostly limited to two formulas and sometimes three formulas The rest of the funding formats such as leasing financing, peace and Tawarruq and the good loan that the Islamic banks in Iraq do not deal with, which leads to limited investment formulas These banks therefore have few returns, The research reached a set of recommendations, including the need for the attention of the Iraqi legislator to Islamic banks and the development of a special legal economic policy for them, all through either the amendment of the Iraqi Banking Law No. 94 for the year 2004 through the addition of a section on Islamic banks or the issuance of independent legislation for these institution and Islamic banks, including Serves the evolution of its work