Exploring Im(politeness) Strategies in Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband in Terms of Leech's Perspective A Pragma-Stylistic Study


In social interaction , human need to respect the values and attitudes of others to maintain a good relationship. Politeness forms a central issue of human behavior, on which a social harmony is to be maintained. Based on Leech's Politeness Principle, this research endeavours to explore im(politeness) strategies in Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband (henceforth IH). Then,a thourough analysis and interpretation of IH's characters , who are four in number will be revealed .The study further attempts to present a brief insight about Oscar Wilde's life and how the writer uses politeness principle to achieve his goal .Using Leech's six maxims , the researcher analyzes the excerpts in which Wilde's characters obey Leech's Principles and explains about the motives behind the violations of these maxims that occurred in many of them . The study divides the play into three parts which structure starting , middle, and end of events according to the plot phases and the development of the characters .