The Impact of Sustainable Growth on Companies Value Study applied for Industry Sector listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange for the period from(2010-2019)


The research aims to identify the extent of the impact of sustainable growth (actual growth rate, and sustainable growth rate) on the value of industrial companies which listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange,as well as analyzing research variables sustainable growth according to the) Van Horne(model as an independent variable, and the value of companies (market value) as a dependent variable. The research community commercial industrial companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange, has been chosen as the (5) fife Industry companies as a sample for the study consisted of time series study to (10) ten years (2010-2019).using the financial statements published on the website Iraqi Stock Exchange,This research sought to test the research hypotheses and the relationship of influence between The variables of the research, in order to answer the questions related to the problem of the research and reach the objectives set, For processing the data,it was used , VanHorn models and financial equations were used within the Excel program. The research reached a set of conclusions, including the low efficiency of the company's management, which comes through the low returns of the researched companies due to the weak investments and thus the low returns on investments.