The effect of advertising and announcement on the Iraqi insurance company profits An applied study


The research aims to test the effect of advertising and announcement on the profits of the Iraqi insurance company, as the research problem was represented by the varying effect of advertising and announcement in achieving profits in the company in question, and the topic of advertising and advertising occupies an important role in informing the beneficiaries of the services that can be obtained and therefore this can lead to an increase in demand. Which in turn contributes to increasing profits, and the research included two variables, the first independent variable represented by advertising, and the second variable represented in the profits achieved by the National Insurance Company during the research period, which extended from (2010-2019), and statistical methods were used such as the arithmetic mean, standard deviation and relative importance And the regression coefficient in testing the hypotheses of correlation and influence relations to obtain the results in which conclusions and recommendations are presented. After presenting, analyzing and interpreting the results of the research, the research reached a number of conclusions and recommendations. The most prominent recommendation was to increase interest in advertising and develop the methods that are used in this because of their role It is important to enhance the performance of the researched company.