Climatic susceptibility to wind erosion in the district of Maimouna


Climate susceptibility means: it is a measure of the climatic tendency to produce conditions that lead to the occurrence of wind erosion of the soil surface and wind erosion occurs when the wind shear stress on the surface exceeds the ability of the surface materials to resist separation and transport, The results showed that the annual total value of climatic susceptibility to wind erosion reached (180.19) and its values varied seasonally, reaching (41.64) during the months in which the rains fell (March, April, May, October) and constituted a percentage of (23.10%) of Average annual sum of that capacity. As for during the dry season (from June to the end of September), the total climatic susceptibility values for wind erosion reached (138.55), with a rate of (76.9%) of the annual total, due to the lack of rainfall and the prevalence of drought, as well as the scarcity of vegetation cover and the rapid increase of Wind during this season, while that capacity decreased during the months (November, December, January, February), due to the increase in precipitation and humidity rates in those months