Alp Erslan Turkish and His Role in Turkish Politics 1960 – 1980


Alp Arslan Turkish's character represented an important stage in the Turkish modern history , which was linked to the radical change that took place in Turkey following the defeat of Ottoman Empire in First World War and the declaration of the establishment of modern Turkey Republic in 1923 by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and the presence of a large group of Turkish military with National orientation. Arslan was one of the pillars of the new approach to this state, which was distinguished by his leadership personality and his extremist nationalist tendencies. The developments in the political situation in Turkey helped Aslan's emergence in the political field and his adoption of an extremist nationalist approach that strongly opposed the democratic changes that brought, liberal movements and parties to power. This politician adopted a hostile position to these parties, and his position strengthened with the establishment of National Movement Party and formation of a military wing named Gray Wolves. He was involved in the turbulent political changes that continued between 1969-1980, he and his followers entered into violent confrontations with social currents and political movements that ended with his arrest and imprisonment. After 1980, a new phase started of this politician's history .