The Turkmanish Words in Talafar accent The poet Ridha Jolak as a sample for this


The establishing of Turkman poetry goes back the beginning of Turkman society and The writing in Turkman language which Turkmen use it in their daily lives . That's why such a kind of poetry got separated out among all levels of Turkmen societyTurkman sociaty . The written poem which the public ( local ) poet uses consists of simplewords and the stanza was used for the structure of the rhythm of poems which the Turkman use in their nationalism performances so within this performance of poetry the especial music can be formed for this reason and aspect . This paperdeals with the scientific luxuritry about this subject which includes ( The Turkmanish words in Talafar accent The poet Ridha Jolak as a sample for this ) includes the following: 1- The poet's life and short from his back ground city Telafer in addition the Period that the poet lived in and his personality and his style and effective on other poets in writing of poems .2- includes converting his on published poetries in to modern Turkish one 3- This unit includes picking the words which are used in Telafer and comparing them with Modern Turkish language by making an index according to the to the words in Alphabetical order which she's the number of page andlines for each words and its meaning in modern turkish language and at the conclusion .