British-American English Synonyms in Tourism Language and their Effect on Listener’s Understanding


This study deals with the differences between British and American English synonyms in tourism language (i.e. hotel, travel, transportation, and so on.). And if these differences affect on the listener's understanding, or not. The problem lies in the differences between British – American English, in the language variations in (lexical synonyms ) in the regional dialect, geographical dialect, social dialect that may affect on meaning of the intended word in tourism field, because of the differences between two communities, and how these communities used these synonyms. These variations of the Source Language British and American English (BrE and AmE) spoken by native speakers or non- native speakers may affect on the listener’s understanding (receiver’s understanding) and lose the intended meaning of the tourism synonyms. The aim of the study is to identify the language variation of BrE and AmE and the varieties of English dialects, and how are these varieties affect on the understanding of the listener and recipient in the British and American societies. Know the extent of the effect these varieties on the understanding of the listener and recipient in British and American societies.