Assessing Anbar University Undergraduates' Receptivity of Learning English as a Foreign Language in Humanitarian Specializations


This paper deals with the receptivity of EFL learners who study English as a foreign language at the Faculty of Arts at Anbar University in Iraq. Departments of Geography, Sociology and Arabic were taken as samples of the study because they have been studying English for four years. The objective of the study is to evaluate the learners' acceptability of learning English for four years and their opinions about the curriculum designed for eight courses. As the study attempts to measure the validity of teaching humanitarian departments English for four years and whether they are convinced in this decision or not. It has been proved that the learners of the three departments request to reduce the numbers of courses from eight to four with the average of two years. Achieving the questionnaire which consists of (11) questions facilitates evaluating the participants' opinions about learning English as a foreign language where the participants have agreed that they encountered some problems in learning English related to the curriculum design, approach adopted by the teachers, the long period of study that should be reduced and the need to redesign the curriculum in accordance with the area of the specialty of each department which contributes in increasing the storage of vocabulary in their minds.