The effect of a special approach to developing the respiratory system, tactical knowledge, and skill performance among young football players (for lounges) in Maysan Governorate.


The first chapter included an introduction to the research, where the importance of the research was manifested in the development of a special training curriculum for the development of the respiratory system that relies on a set of advanced exercises that highlight the importance of research in the field of futsal football through interest in updating it and then developing it so that it matches the requirements of the culture of thinking and development Creativity among the coaches is the development of a special training curriculum that depends on a set of exercises that are very similar to what the player performs on the field of skillful performance with the ball and movement without the ball and taking the space and the other most important thing is to improve the personal and physical efficiency of football players for the halls .As for the research problem in terms of the difference between the players and the statement of their efficiency, we discussed the importance of applying special exercises in the development of the respiratory system and the stability of their ability to easily return the players to compete in the ball Football for gyms is one of the most important games in using the above vocabulary.