The Effect of Opening Injection Pressure Monitoring Device to Detect Needle Nerve Contact During Ultrasound Guided Popleatial Approach in Diabetic Patients for Below Knee Amputation


BACKGROUND:Ultrasound-guided popliteal sciatic nerve blocks is a useful approach for below- knee surgery. Usingthe injection pressure monitoring device.OBJECTIVE:This study to assess the role of opening Injection Pressure monitoring device in providing and avoidnerve injury in patients who underwent, popliteal sciatic nerve block under ultrasound-guided.METHODS:This study involve fifty patients underwent unilateral below knee amputation were randomlyassigned under ultrasound-guided popliteal sciatic nerve block and femoral nerve block have beendone, with use opening Injection Pressure monitoring device and additional ultrasound guided.RESULTS: :Regarding the pressure of the injections monitoring , we noticed that in this study, the highestproportion of study patients recorded needle nerve contact (44%) ,needed low pressure <15 psi(38%) , while all Intrafascular injection (18%). Sensory Block three points scale of pin pricksensation to check sensory block before and after nerve block. In this study, we noticed that allpatients were normal in both pre nerve block and 5 minutes after nerve block, (74%) of patientswere normal and 26% was decrease pain after 10 minutes from nerve block, at 15 minutes fromnerve block, most patients were showed decreased pain (86%). The highest proportion of studypatients after 20 minutes from nerve block was showed decreased pain (70%), then after 25 minutesof nerve block, the highest proportion of patients didn’t show pain (88%). All patients werecompletely free from pain after 30 minutes of nerve block. Motor block duration lasted for ≥ 20minutes in (68.1%) of study.CONCLUSION:There is high incidence of intraneural needle placement or needle neve contact of nerve underultrasound guide.