The Engineering dimensions and its impact on the sustainability on the roads network in Ramadi city


Transport is one of the most critical areas of urban life and an essential base for developing and developing societies. It is a crucial indicator of the progress and development of cities and their great benefits. It saves from the movement of people and goods and the prosperity of the economy-social, economic and environmental issues globally and what we are witnessing in recent times. However, despite the tremendous advancement in technology, it continues to face numerous challenges in developed and developing nations, including our own. The absorption of the irrigated volume and any defect in the gradient causes many problems such as congestion, delays, traffic jams and the accompanying psychological, economic, social and environmental effects, energy consumption, depletion of natural resources and lifestyle. So transportation has become a concern. And it became a topic of concern that imposes the need to think about the preparation and development of the transportation system towards sustainability based on meeting transportation needs. In light of the negative impacts of the sustainable planning engineering dimension on the urban road network in Ramadi and for the Iraqi cities, we have thus attempted to study the effect of this project, given the critical impact on sustainable development and the approach used by thinking people and scholars in their studies and documents in Agenda 2030. Through evaluating the data from the research region, which comprised 27 Ramadi neighbourhoods, and applying them to the statistical analysis software (SPSS), it discovers that the schematic engineering dimension indicator represented by the hierarchy has direct and decisive connection significance. The local road area index achieved the most substantial linear relationship, followed by the collective, secondary and major roads indicators. They reached a medium relationship to formulate a sustainable development system based on Ramadi and other Iraqi cities. A decision is making about sustainable urban engineering transportation. And take an approach with whatever is good for the state