International protection of the rights of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar


Abstract:-Rohingya are Muslims living in the state of Arakan in Myanmar country (Burma in the past), where an ethnic cleansing operation is being carried out against them by the Myanmar government which helps extremists Buddhists doing that since 2012, the case has appeared to the public opinion and some Arab countries had sympathy on them but without any help, days and years passed whereas no one ever cared about the case, but it does not mean that crimes against the Rohingya Muslims have stopped No, it is still up by attacking them Myanmar government is depending on the extremists Buddhists while the world is preoccupied with the events of major dark conflicts. The crisis of the Rohingya Muslims "in Myanmar is not recent, but it's pace escalated after committing some extremists Buddhists a murder crime against Rohingya Muslim preachers in June 2012 upon their return from Umrah, this group beat the preachers a brutal way till death, After accusing them Unfairly and unjustly of being behind a murder crime of a Buddhist girl after raping her, which led to the outbreak of an all-out war against the Rohingya people in the Arakan region by Buddhists groups armed with light weapons and batons, and they practised all kinds of killing, torture, burning and demolishing the houses of the Rohingya Muslims.Keywords: Myanmar Government, Muslim, Buddhists Arakan Region Rohingya minority, Human Rights, international protection UN, International organizations.