The Human Trade Crime


It is important to point out that human beings-in nature- cannot imagine been traded on. However, humanity, against all the values prevailing in every community, has known a kind of illegal trade the subject of which is humans, that is human trade. That is regarded the modern version of slave trade in spite of the achievement that have been made by the activists in the seventeen century. However, this kind of slavery remained spread specially in relation to women and children who fall prey to new kind of slavery called " human slavery". That will be the subject of our paper. The international Anti- Slavery Organization has revealed this crime which made humans just like any other material goods. The said organization also says that human trade includes taking people through the use of violence, deceit or fraud or coercion or by imposing forced labour and slavery. While child trade does not require any kind of violence of deceit. It only requires that children are taken two work which is a kind of trade.