The Role of Human Resource Rengineering in Achieving Organizational Prosperity An analytical study of the administrative officials’ opinions in Al-Hayat Company for Soft Drinks and Mineral Water in Erbil from Iraqi Kurdistan Region


Human Rengineering has great role in the life and prosperity of the organization, which comes from its focus on one of the important elements of production, that is human element, the organizations operating in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region lack the awareness of the impact of human engineering on the organizational prosperity, which is a distinct entry point of development and administrative excellence adopted in the leading and prosperous organizations. This research dealt with an analysis of the role of Human Resource Rengineering in achieving Organizational Prosperity. It aims to identify the problems that result from negligence in adopting scientific rules and foundations in the fields of work, and to give a clear picture of the importance of Human Rengineering, which receives a lot of attention and support in international scientific and academic forums. The research was tested in Al-Hayat Soft Drinks and Mineral Water Company in Iraqi Kurdistan Region-Erbil, and the research was carried out on a sample of (66) administrative and supervisory officials and workers with experience and efficiency. By using the questionnaire as the primary tool to collect data from research sample, and testing a number of relationships and impact between research variables in order to obtain answers related to the research problem and in achieving the goals of the research through a set of statistical methods based on the statistical program (SPSS). The research reached a set of conclusions, among them: There is a correlation and effect of human resource rengineering in achieving organizational prosperity. The research concluded with a set of recommendations, which are: the necessity of taking into account the continuous improvement of the various processes of human resources management and focusing mainly on human resource formation and training on the renewal of knowledge and improving their level, which gives you modern technologies and new skills that allow the management of current changes.