Population Dynamics of ( Liriomyza Sativae ) Blanchard Diptera: and (Agromyzidae) and its Parasitoids on Climbing Crop Under (Plastic Greenhouse Conditions)


The field study (under plastic greenhouse conditions) in the fields of the Agriculture College of - Tikrit University for the agricultural season 2018-2019 showed variation in the numerical density of the lefminer Liriomyza sativae (Blanchard) on Climbing bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. The effect of temperature and relative humidity were evident in their density, as the average number of L. sativae larvae reached 35.3 larvae / plant in the second week of December2018, and reached their peak (62.8 larva / plant) in the first week of January2019 when the temperature was 12.5 ° C and the relative humidity was 92%. Five species of parasitoids belonging to the order Hymenoptera have been recorded as parasitizing the larvae and pupae of the L. sativae. The species included Hemiptarsenus varicornis, Halticoptera sp., Neochrysocharis sp., Chrysocharis parksi and Pnigalio sp. During the season, the highest rate of parasitism was 12.68% during the month of January.